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The U.S. Department of Defense Tests Metal Roof Technology Integrating Renewable Energy and Sustainability Features

Through the use of the DoD Environmental Security Technologies Certification Program (ESTCP) the military is providing grants to industry in order to demonstrate novel technologies, products and systems aimed at meeting their energy and water conservation goals.

One such ESTCP grant was awarded in 2010 to a team of metal construction industry leading companies and the Metal Construction Association. The grant of approximately $1 million is being used to demonstrate a retrofit metal roof system with integrated renewable energy technologies that showcases a holistic assembly of six different roofing system components.

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Integrated Metal Roof Retrofit with Multiple Energy Saving Technologies, sponsored by Paramount Metal Systems, examines key drivers behind the design and development of an innovative new metal roof retrofit system, engineered to both conserve and generate unprecedented levels of energy. Features and benefits of the new retrofit system are explored through an extensive case study of the system's first real-world application - the Security Forces building at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas.  The course also provides a complete step-by-step installation of the new metal retrofit roof system through the use of a full scale mock up, in narrated HD video.



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