Paramount Metal Systems brings in a complete package design that offers green technology, energy efficiency, and cost savings.

For example, Paramount Metal Systems used its own engineered framing systems in conjunction VP Buildings and also Roof Hugger purlins to provide innovative and green retrofit roofing at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, Texas. As shown in a Arkansas Business article featuring Paramount Metal Systems, VP Buildings, and Roof Hugger the renewable energy and sustainability features provide a model of what you can do with similar issues.

When your needs for green sustainability and renewable energy call for an optimal configuration that includes additional insulation, waterproof roof underlayment, radiant barrier, and solar heat optimization, call in the expert designer/builder of a steel structures and roofing systems. Paramount Metal Systems will integrate the necessary components into one retrofit roofing system to accommodate your structural and budget needs. Just take a look at the retrofit roofing accomplished at Goodfellow AFB. If the U.S. Military snaps to attention with metal retrofit roofing, your project can, too.

Paramount Metal Systems offers design/build steel structures and roofing systems

Established in 2004, Paramount Metal Systems is a full-service design-build contractor. Paramount Metal Systems and associates serve clients with more than one-hundred years of combined experience in the steel component industry. For architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project management services throughout the United States, call Paramount Metal Systems today.